Live Webcast 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

´┐╝Projections: Scalable Performance Analysis and Visualization
Workshop on Visualization and Analysis of Performance on Large-scale Software (VAPLS) 2013
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Projections is a performance visualization tool co-developed with the Charm++ parallel programming system. Performance of a message-driven, load-balanced system such as Charm++ becomes complicated to analyze. However, the same message-driven runtime can be leveraged to automatically instrument important events at very low cost. Based on such instrumentation, Projections provides tools for extensive post-mortem analysis. A distinguishing feature of Projections is the comprehensive set of views for analyzing performance that leads to insights about factors impacting performance. These include a rich timeline view and an outlier analysis tool. It also supports a novel, highly-scalable, live visualization tool for analyzing performance characteristics of running parallel program.
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