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Communication and Topology-aware Load Balancing in Charm++ with TreeMatch
| Emmanuel Jeannot | Esteban Meneses | Guillaume Mercier | François Tessier | Gengbin Zheng
IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (Cluster) 2013
Publication Type: Paper
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Programming multicore or manycore architectures is a hard challenge particularly if one wants to fully take advantage of their computing power. Moreover, a hierarchical topology implies that communication performance is heterogeneous and this characteristic should also be exploited. We developed two load balancers for Charm++ that take into account both aspects, depending on the fact that the application is compute-bound or communication-bound. This work is based on our TREEMATCH library that computes process placement in order to reduce an application communication costs based on the hardware topology. We show that the proposed load-balancing schemes manage to improve the execution times for the two aforementioned classes of parallel applications.
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