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Prolog Research at University of Illinois
| M. Gooley | Laxmikant Kale | David Padua | Balkrishna Ramkumar | U. Reddy | Wennie Shu | B. Wah
IEEE Computer Society International Conference (COMPCON) 1988
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A brief description is given of four logic programming research projects currently underway. Three projects deal with the design of Prolog interpreters and compilers; the other deals with the design of languages that combine the functional programming and the logic programming paradigms and with the transformation of programs written in these languages
M. Gooley and L. V. Kale and D. Padua and D. Sehr and B. Ramkumar and U. S. Reddy and W. Shu and B. Wah, "Prolog Research at University of Illinois", Compcon, San Francisco, Feb 1988, pp. 68-73.
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