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A Brief Perspective on Parallel Programming
IEEE TENCON Region 10 International Conference (TENCON) 1989
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A large variety of multiple instruction, multiple data (MIMD) parallel machines-some with global shared memory and some without, some with few processors to some with a few thousand processors-are becoming commercially available, and more are being proposed, designed, or developed. Programming such machines for fast execution of desired applications remains a challenging problem. An examination is made of some broad approaches towards this goal, identifying relevant issues and presenting a few guidelines that should be helpful in parallel programming research and development. The Chare Kernel parallel programming system is proposed as a solution to the parallel programming problem.
L. V. Kale, "A Brief Perspective on Parallel Programming", IEEE Tencon Regional Conference (Invited), Bombay, India, November 1989, pp. 1085-1088.
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