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Application-Oriented and Computer-Science-Centered HPCC Research
High Performance Computing and Communication Workshop (HPCC Workshop) 1994
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At this time, there is a perception of a backlash against the HPCC program, and even the idea of massively parallel computing itself. In preparation to defining an agenda for HPCC, this paper first analyzes the reasons for this backlash. Although beset with unrealistic expectations, parallel processing will be a beneficial technology with a broad impact, beyond applications in science. However, this will require significant advances and work in computer science in addition to parallel hardware and end-applications which are emphasized currently. The paper presents a possible agenda that could lead to a successful HPCC program in the future.
L. V. Kale, "Application Oriented and Computer Science Centered HPCC Research", Developing a Computer Science Agenda for High-Performance Computing, New York, NY, USA, 1994, Publ: ACM Press, pp. 98-105.
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