Live Webcast 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

Parallel Languages/Paradigms:
Parallel programming can be extremely challenging. Many programming models have been proposed to simplify this task, but wide acceptance of these remains elusive for many reasons, including the demand for greater accessibility and productivity.

CharmPy is a parallel programming model and framework based on the Python language. CharmPy builds on Charm++, and runs on top of its C++ runtime. It presents several unique features in the form of a simplified model and API, increased flexibility, and the ability to write everything in Python. CharmPy is a high-level model based on the paradigm of distributed migratable objects. It retains the benefits of the Charm++ runtime, including dynamic load balancing, asynchronous execution model with automatic overlap of communication and computation, high performance, and scalability from laptops to supercomputers. By being Python-based, CharmPy also benefits from modern language features, access to popular scientific computing and data science software, and interoperability with existing technologies like C, Fortran and OpenMP.

See the CharmPy documentation here for more information, as well as the papers/talks below.
CharmPy: A Python Parallel Programming Model [Cluster 2018]