The Mac IIsi

My Mac IIsi was once my beloved workhorse. With only a 40 MB Hard drive, 17 MB of RAM, CD Drive, an Ethernet card, and a single 14-inch monitor, it won't win any speed contests today. But ever since I spray painted it black (neatly, mind you), it's no doubt the coolest, most personal Mac I own.

The processor is a 20 MHz Motorola 68030, with FPU, making it just barely equivalent (for you x86 people) to a 386DX. However, it runs a fully 32-bit, multitasking (OK, not preemptive multitasking, but a still better than Win3.1), assembly-optimized OS (the Mac OS); thus, even running nearly the newest version of system software, it's still quite usable.

Orion Sky Lawlor,, circa 1997
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