University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

20-22 October 2003

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October 20
8:00-8:30am 2240 DCLBreakfast
Technical Presentations
8:30-8:552240 DCLWelcome & Introduction to Charm++ - Laxmikant V. Kale
8:55-9:202240 DCLBluegene Simulation - Yogesh Mehta, Gengbin Zheng
9:20-9:452240 DCLScaling Molecular Dynamics to 3000 Processors with Projections:
A Performance Analysis Case Study - Chee Wai Lee
9:45-10:102240 DCLCharm++ Load Balancing Framework - Gengbin Zheng
10:10-10:252240 DCLBREAK
10:25-10:502240 DCLCommunication Optimizations - Sameer Kumar
10:50-11:102240 DCLFault Tolerance - Sayantan Chakravorty
11:10-11:35pm2240 DCLPOSE: Getting Over Grainsize in Parallel Discrete Event Simulation - Terry Wilmarth
11:35-12:00pm2240 DCLLiveViz - Orion Lawlor
Concurrent Tutorials/Discussions
2:00-5:002240 DCLCharm++ - Tarun Agarwal, Yogesh Mehta, Mark Hills
2:00-5:003211 DCLAdaptive MPI [PDF] - Chao Huang
October 21
8:00-8:30am 2240 DCLBreakfast
8:30-9:302240 DCLKeynote Address: Automatic Synthesis of High Performance Software for Electronic Structure Calculations, P.Sadayappan, Ohio State
9:30-10:002240 DCLQM/MM using Charm++ - Glenn Martyna, Mark Tuckerman
10:00-10:302240 DCLBREAK
10:30-11:002240 DCLRocket Simulation - Orion Lawlor
11:00-11:302240 DCL Visualization of Large Astrophysics Simulations using Charm++ - Graeme Lufkin
11:30-12:002240 DCL Concurrent object migration preserving data locality - J.C. Ortega
12:00-12:30pm2240 DCL Spacetime discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods: meshing and parallel implementation. - Robert Haber
12:30-2:002240 DCLLunch for registered guests
Concurrent Tutorials/Discussions
2:00-5:002240 DCLFEM Framework - Orion Lawlor
2:00-3:303211 DCLDiscussion
3:30-5:002501 DCLDiscussion
6:30-9:30pm5269 BeckmanBanquet for registered guests
October 22
8:00-9:00am 2240 DCLBreakfast
Concurrent Tutorials/Discussions
9:00-12:00pm2240 DCLProjections: Performance Evaluation of Charm++ and AMPI - Chee Wai Lee
9:00-12:00pm2501 DCLFaucets: Scheduling on Clusters and across the Grid - Jayant Desouza