Open Atom : The Players

  • Open Atom is a large, international, well funded effort that UNITES solid state physicists, materials scientists, computer scientists, chemists and biophysicists to produce the next generation electronic and biomolecular software and algorithms.<-
    • Computer Science : The group includes Gordan Bell prize winner, L. Kale and hardware architect J. Torrellas.
    • Solid State Physics : The Democritos team, an INFM funded center of excellence (5 years), widely acknowledged for its excellent solid-state plane wave code.
    • Materials Science : CPAIMD developer, R. Car, Princeton University.
    • Computational Chemistry/Biophysics : M.L. Klein (U. Penn), G. Martyna (IBM) and M. Tuckerman (NYU) who bring the integrated CPAIMD-Molecular Mechanics code, PINY_MD, built on principles of modern software design.

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