Load Balancing Contest

This year, we are organizing a 'Write a load balancer' contest. We invite people to implement a general load balancing strategy within the Charm++ framework.

Registration for this contest is free and independent of the workshop registration. Even if you have already registered for the workshop, you still need to register for the contest latest by April 12th.

Contest Details

  • Update: New instructions for writing a load balancer can be found here and the code can be downloaded from here
  • Participants need to implement a new load balancing strategy (multiple entries are welcome) and submit their files.
  • Two simple benchmarks are available to debug and test your code - stencil3d, kNeighbor. Source code is available in Charm++ directory charm/examples/charm++/load_balancing. Download Charm++ here.
  • More complicated benchmarks will be used to judge your load balancing algorithms
  • Algorithms will be judged for scalability and quality of load balancing
  • Use of metis or other third-party graph partitioning libraries is not allowed. Self-developed libraries are permitted.
  • Guide to writing a load balancer can be found here


Prizes will be announced soon.

For questions, feel free to send emails to Yanhua Sun (sun51@illinois.edu).

Important Dates

Deadline for registration April 12, 2011
Deadline for code submission April 16, 2011 (mail a tarball of your source code (.h, .C and .ci) files to Yanhua Sun (sun51@illinois.edu).
Annoucement of the Winners April 18 12:00 noon