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OpenAtom source can be directly downloaded from our version control repositories. We use git for version control which is available here. Here is the command to get the latest source via git:

git clone git://charm.cs.illinois.edu/openatom.git

We recommend using the version tagged as '2010-03-usable' as the latest revision may have incomplete features. This tagged version of the code is also available for download as a tar.gz.

For compiling OpenAtom, you will need Charm++ installed on your system. OpenAtom source from the version control system is compatible only with a recent version of charm. We recommend charm version 6.2 or newer which can be downloaded from here.

The last release of OpenAtom was version 1.0. The source for this release can be downloaded from here --- [DOWNLOAD]
A version of charm++ source known to work with the release version of OpenAtom can be downloaded from here --- [DOWNLOAD]

If you want to avoid building binaries yourself, here are some pre-compiled binaries of the released version and scripts for running on different systems:

1. AMD64 Opteron using MVAPICH (Ranger) [binary] [script]
2. Apple G5 PowerPC (Turing) [binary] [script]
3. Cray XT3/XT4 [binary] [script]
4. IA64 Itanium (SGI Altix) [binary] [script]
5. IBM Blue Gene/L [binary] [script]
6. Intel64 Xeon using MPICH-VMI (Abe) [binary] [script]
7. Intel64 Xeon using MVAPICH (Lonestar) [binary] [script]
8. Linux 32-bit on Gigabit [binary] [script]
9. Linux 64-bit on Gigabit [binary] [script]

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