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Postdoctoral Research Associate position(s) in high performance computing

Deadline: Currently, there is no position available

The Parallel Programming Lab is a leader in parallel computing at the University of Illinois. We are seeking bright and capable postdoctoral associates in high performance computing.

Our team comprises of a group of highly energetic and motivated students, post-docs and staff members engaged in (1) developing techniques for enhancing performance and productivity in parallel programming, (2) embodying them in parallel programming infrastructures called Charm++ and Adaptive MPI, and (3) using them to develop several path-breaking science and engineering applications. (Two examples: NAMD and ChaNGa.) We have access to the latest high-performance systems both on campus and at other national centers, and maintain research collaborations with top groups in various areas of computational science and engineering.

Charm++ is a mature parallel programming framework and adaptive run-time system that is used in several production applications in large-scale HPC machines, e.g. NAMD, ChaNGa and OpenAtom. Charm++ is constantly evolving, and its features make it an excellent framework to explore the upcoming generation of exascale machines (having millions of processors and exaFLOPS capability). The radically different architecture and massive parallelism of exascale computers poses unique challenges, and Charm++ is particularly suited for the research and development of new techniques to effectively utilize and exploit these architectures. Some topics of interest to our group are dynamic load balancing, fault tolerance, and simultaneous use of GPU and CPU.

We currently have open positions for post-doc associates, to conduct research and development on parallel algorithms and adaptive runtime systems for large scale computers. They will be involved with the exploration of new techniques for achieving high performance on machines with extremely large numbers of processors (hundreds of thousands, or millions). More information on the group and ongoing projects can be found at

Required Experience: A PhD in Computer Science or in a related area, an excellent academic history, the ability to work in teams on software projects, and a solid publication record. Ideal candidates will possess excellent software skills (C/C++), strong oral and writing skills and a desire to make a lasting impact in the field of High Performance Computing.

If you have interest in the position, please send an e-mail to (, cc including a vitae and a description of your research interests.

Now accepting applications for Undergrad Research Assistant position(s)

In the Parallel Programming Laboratory, undergraduates, graduates, and post-docs work with Prof. Laxmikant (Sanjay) Kale to develop and optimize parallel programming software and novel languages for the fastest computers in the world, including the 300K core BlueWaters supercomputer housed here at Illinois. Prof. Kale also leads research in high-performance scientific applications in bioinformatics, molecular dynamics, computational cosmology, and other areas. The Parallel Programming Laboratory continously pushes the limits of parallel application performance, and the lab has made numerous significant contributions to the fundamental knowledge of parallel computing.

Prof. Kale has paid positions available for capable undergraduate students interested in parallel, high-performance, or scientific computing research. Undergraduates in the Parallel Programming Lab have a history of winning prestigious awards such as the CRA Award, presenting papers at top conferences, and pursuing graduate studies at top research universities.

These positions are available to start August 2017. The skill sets for these positions include experience in C/C++/Java programming. Parallel/high-performance computing experience is not necessary. Preference is given to students who have completed CS 225. Desirable characteristics include:

No prior parallel programming experience is required, and undergraduates of all levels will be considered. Interested students should email a resume to Shanna DeSouza ( and put "PPL Research Position" in the subject line.

Now accepting applications for Undergrad Sysadmin position for the lab

Deadline: Position is available immediately

The ideal candidate will have experience in

If you have interest in the position, please send an e-mail to ( including a resume and a description of relevant experience.