Orion Sky Lawlor

Publications as of December 2004

Graduate Publications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Advanced Techniques for System Integeration of Dynamic, Large-Scale Multiphysics Simulations
Xiangmin Jiao, Orion Sky Lawlor, John C. Norris, Phil J. Alexander, Mike T. Campbell, Mike T. Heath, Robert A. Fiedler
AIAA JPC, Tucson, Arizona July 2005.

Impostors for Parallel Interactive Computer Graphics
Orion Sky Lawlor
PhD Thesis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Deposited January 2005, Degree awarded May 2005. Also available as UIUC Computer Science Tech Report No. 2498
Presents a variety of parallel, graphics, parallel graphics, and GIS work.

Debugging Support for Charm++
Rashmi Jyothi, Orion Sky Lawlor, and L. V. Kale
Proceedings of PADTAD Workshop, IPDPS, April 2004
IEEE Press
Includes a good description of CCS network protocol and the PUP C++ introspection framework

Performance Modeling and Programming Environments for Petaflops Computers and the Blue Gene Machine
Gengbin Zheng, Terry Wilmarth, Orion Sky Lawlor, L. V. Kale, Sarita Adve, David Padua, and Philippe Guebelle
Proceedings of Next Generation Systems Program Workshop, IPDPS, April 2004
IEEE Press (to appear)
Includes a good description of the modern FEM framework.

Bounding Iterated Function Systems using Convex Optimization
Orion Sky Lawlor and John C. Hart
Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2003, Alberta, Canada, October, 2003
IEEE, pp. 283-292
A simple IFS-bounding technique, evolved from a class project

Supporting Dynamic Parallel Object Arrays
Orion Lawlor and L. V. Kale
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Volume 15 number 3-5, 2003
Wiley and Sons, pp. 371-393
Journal version of arrays paper below.

Adaptive MPI
Chao Huang, Orion Lawlor, and L. V. Kale
Proceedings of the 16th International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC), Texas, 2003
Describes MPI implementation built on Charm++ arrays.

A Voxel-Based Parallel Collision Detection Algorithm
Orion Sky Lawlor and L.V. Kale
Proceedings of the International Conference in Supercomputing (ICS), New York, 2002
ACM Press, pp. 285-293
Conference version of thesis.

A Grid-Based Parallel Collision Detection Algorithm
Orion Sky Lawlor
Master's Thesis, Computer Science, May 2001
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A scalable parallel collision detection algorithm based on a voxel grid represented using Charm++ array elements.

Supporting Dynamic Parallel Object Arrays
Orion Sky Lawlor and L. V. Kale
Proceedings of the ACM 2001 Java Grande/ISCOPE Conference, Palo Alto, California, June 2001
ACM Press, pp. 21-28
Excellent description of migratable parallel objects that form the core of modern Charm++.

Undergraduate Publications, University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Room Capacity Analysis Using a Pair of Evacuation Models
Gregg A. Christopher, Orion Lawlor, and Jason Tedor
UMAP Journal 20.3, Fall 1999 - The 1999 MCM Contest Edition
Physical simulator of an emergency, with simulated disc-people fleeing for the exits.

Automated DEM Production using ESA Tandem Mission Data for the Caribou-Poker Creek LTER Watershed
Rick Guritz, Mike Ayers, Tom Logan,, Shusun Li, and Orion Lawlor
Fringe '99 Meeting, Leige Belgium, Nov. 10-12, 1999.
Experimental analysis of SAR DEM generation.  Published after departure for Illinois.

Repeat-Pass Satellite Interferometric Tools Available at the Alaska SAR Facility
Rick Guritz, Orion Lawlor, Tom Logan, Shusun Li, and Verne Kaupp
EOS, Transactions, AGU, 1998 Fall Meeting, Vol. 79, No. 45, U11A-42, F21-22, 1998.

Automated Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Production Using ERS SAR Tandem Pairs
Rick Guritz, Orion Lawlor, Tom Logan, Robert Fatland, Joanne Groves, Shusun Li, and Verne Kaupp
Proceedings of IGARSS '98, Seattle, WA 1998
Describes automated techniques we developed for interferometric
SAR processing.

Generation of Fine Resolution DEM at Test Areas in Alaska
Using ERS Tandem Pairs and Precise Orbital Data
Orion Lawlor, Tom Logan, Rick Guritz, Robert Fatland, Shusun Li, Z. Wang, and Coert Olmsted
12th International Conference on Applied Geologic Remote Sensing
Denver, CO. 17-19 Nov. 1997
Describes basic interferometric SAR technique and our results.
Won best of Session Award on SAR Mapping, of 13 papers presented

Towards Operational Application of Satellite SAR Images in Hydrological Studies
Shusun Li, Rick Guritz, Tom Logan, Z. Wang, and Orion Lawlor
EOS, Transactions, AGU, 1997 Fall Meeting, Vol. 78, No. 45, AGU, H41F-11, 1997

Lunch on the Run: Pursuit-Evasion Games in the Late Cretaceous
Gordon Bower, Orion Lawler (sic), James Long
UMAP Journal 18.3, Fall 1997 - The 1997 MCM Contest Edition pp. 255-276
Includes a physical simulation and statistical analysis of predator/prey chases.