The Apple Macintosh Classic II

My Mac Classic II is one of the few computers I actually didn't have a use for-- my IIsi is a server, my 128K is a terminal, and my PowerBook a software development computer; yet my Classic II had no use.

But then, the only reason I bought it, really, is that it was too cheap not to buy. With 10 MB of 72-pin ram and a 16 MHz 68030 processor, but no hard drive, the machine was a deal for $50 at the DRMO (Defense Re-utilization and Military Outsourcing, for you uninitiated) but nearly useless without a hard drive.

Until, that is, I dropped in a hard drive from, a clearinghouse for used computer hardware and software. Now it is my older brother's machine.

Orion Sky Lawlor,, circa 1997
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