Center for Petascale Computing  
A collaboration led by Laxmikant Kalé (Computer Science) and Duane Johnson (Materials Science and Engineering) on a research theme within IACAT

Program Optimizing and Tuning Seminar Series

The IACAT Center for Petascale Computing is joining with the Computer Science department Compiler Group to present a seminar series on program optimization and tuning. Topics covered will range across: auto tuning compiler flags, threads, communication optimizations, parallel performance analysis, and petascale machine architectures. The target audience for this seminar includes physical scientists, engineers, and computer scientists interested in high performance and high productivity computing.

2008/Sep/10 04:00 pm - 2008/Sep/10 05:00 pm    Robert Bocchino

2008/Sep/17 04:00 pm - 2008/Sep/17 05:00 pm    Sam Midkiff

2008/Sep/24 04:00 pm - 2008/Sep/24 05:00 pm    Calin Cascaval

2008/Oct/01 04:00 pm - 2008/Oct/01 05:00 pm    Jose Moreira

2008/Oct/08 04:00 pm - 2008/Oct/08 05:00 pm    Abhinav S Bhatele

2008/Oct/15 04:00 pm - 2008/Oct/15 05:00 pm    Jay Hoeflinger

2008/Oct/22 04:00 pm - 2008/Oct/22 05:00 pm    Yevgen Voronenko

2008/Oct/29 04:00 pm - 2008/Oct/29 05:00 pm    David Gay of Intel's Berkeley Laboratory

2008/Nov/05 04:00 pm - 2008/Nov/05 05:00 pm    Rudolph Eigenmann

2008/Nov/12 04:00 pm - 2008/Nov/12 05:00 pm    TBD

2008/Nov/19 04:00 pm - 2008/Nov/19 05:00 pm    TBD

2008/Dec/03 04:00 pm - 2008/Dec/03 05:00 pm    TBD

2008/Dec/10 04:00 pm - 2008/Dec/10 05:00 pm    Vivek Sarkar

Organizers of the Seminar Series:

Robert L. Bocchino Jr. - email: bocchino at

Albert Sidelnik - email: asideln2 at

David Padua - email: padua at

Eric Bohm - email: ebohm at