Synergistic Research on Parallel Programming for Petascale Applications
A collaboration led by Laxmikant Kalé (Computer Science) and Paul Ricker (Astronomy) on a research theme within IACAT

Petascale computers are around the corner. Such machines are expected to contain hundreds of thousands of processor cores. For computational science and engineering (CSE), such machines present at once an unprecedented opportunity and an unprecedented challenge. With such computational power, we may be able to design better engineering artifacts, make a significant impact on healthcare and quality of life, and deepen our understanding of physical phenomena. Yet, harnessing and focusing this much computational power for a single science or engineering simulation is exceedingly challenging. We believe that a concerted effort by scientists, engineers and computer scientists is necessary to overcome this challenge.

A foundational belief behind this Institute for Advanced Computing Applications and Technologies (IACAT) theme is that effective harnessing of upcoming petascale machines for CSE will require synergistic development of parallel programming abstractions and tools in conjunction with petascale application development. Computer science research without such synergistic co-development and feedback from applications is unlikely to be well-grounded, while application development without this synergy will not produce enabling technology that will have a broad impact on the state-of-art. Accordingly, this research project involves multiple potentially petascale applications and computer science research that both leads and follows the applications. This IACAT theme is aimed at fostering such a concerted effort. We believe that useful computer science abstractions, programming languages, tools, and techniques can be developed, and/or refined effectively, when they are co-developed with science and engineering applications. Accordingly, this theme will bring together computer scientists and domain experts, so as to impact both short-term and long-term state-of-art in petascale techniques and applications.

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